7th Anniversary Celebration Party

Join us in the 7th birthday of PUBG: Battlegrounds!
Exciting activities and plentiful rewards await everyone.
Eligible Participants: All PUBG: Battlegrounds users
PC :
2024.03.13. 09:00 - 2024.04.08. 09:00
2024.03.21. 09:00 - 2024.04.17. 09:00
Don't miss out on the 7th Anniversary Pack!

Come and enjoy the 7th birthday party with us!

Reward Collection
7th anniversary event

7th Anniversary Special Drops Event

We've got some fantastic event rewards lined up for you!
Join in the Special Drops events in-game and grab those 7th anniversary goodies!
G-Coin gifts are waiting for you in-game during the 7th anniversary weekend.

7th Anniversary for All!

PC :
2024.03.22. 04:00 - 2024.03.24. 16:00
2024.03.22. 04:00 - 2024.03.24. 16:00
Weekend Event Reward Weekend Event Reward
Enter the lobby Enter the lobby
G-Coin 500 (2 days)
Experience the party atmosphere all around the Battlegrounds!

7th Anniversary Update

7th Anniversary Party in Erangel
Erangel's hosting birthday parties all over! Hurry over and try your luck at the vending machines for a 7th Anniversary Energy Drink. If you're lucky, you might just stumble upon an unexpected delight.
Surprise Box
A giant surprise box has been dropped at the starting point. Toss a cupcake at it and watch the magic unfold – surprises are waiting.
7th Anniversary Party for All
Enjoy our dazzling fireworks adorning your arrival in every battleground. It's a party for everyone. Join the 7th-anniversary celebration now!

Event Notice

  • You can participate in this event through the in-game event banner or via Krafton ID.
  • Participation in the event is limited to once per account. You can participate on each platform separately.
  • Event rewards will be sent automatically to your customize tab when conditions are met.
  • If you participate in the event, your game ID and service use records will be collected/used to confirm your participation and grant rewards.