Seasonally based modes to experience and play PUBG with new rules and strategies. Play the game and get your weekly rewards!
In Bluebomb Rush mode, players will be divided into attack or defense teams.
The victory goes to the team that prevents the opponent's mission from being completed or removes all opponents.
The attack team's mission is to protect the blue zone generator after installing it,
while the defense team must prevent the attack team from installing the blue zone generator and dismantle any generators that are already installed.
Take on the challenge of the mission over the blue zone!

Previous Service Modes

  • Fantasy Battle Royale
    A fantasy battle royale created in celebration of April Fool's Day!
    Players choose between the Barbarian, Ranger, Wizard, and Paladin,
    and experience a completely different battle royale in the fantasy-inspired Erangel.
  • POBG
    The Chickens have FINALLY rebelled...and POBG was born!
    Enjoy retro-inspired fun with PUBG maps and characters fully transformed into 8-bit.
  • Monster Chicken Royale
    A giant monster chicken has showed up in Karakin.
    Watch out for enemy players as well as huge beak attacks,
    chicken cries and scorching fire attacks from the monster chicken!
  • Halloween Battle Royale
    Halloween backgrounds and spooky characters have been added to the Fantasy Battle Royale.
    From Executioner to Assassin, Pyromancer and Paladin,
    you can choose to be one and enjoy a creepy Halloween battle with their own skillsets.
  • Zombie Survival
    A desperate struggle against a horde of zombies on a narrow bridge!
    Fight against zombies that get stronger and multiply as you clear each stage.
  • Racing Mode
    Experience the thrill of off-road racing and choose a preferred vehicle
    to speed your way to victory!