PUBG is more popular than Overwatch

South Korean gamers preferred PUBG over Overwatch

Almost each day we witness PUBG set new records in the gamimg world. No wonder - it has touched almost every gamer heart who played it. Clunky at first site but people soon get addicted to it. South Korean gamers were not an exception - PUBG is now #2 most popular game in this country, leaving Overwatch behind it. With stats collected from Gametrics, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now takes up 13.51% of all total playtime, compared to Overwatch’s 12.99%. League of Legends is still the king of the mountain, taking up a 27.91% share of total playtime. Overwatch did initially have a 1% lead over League of Legends in June of last year, but has since fallen behind the titanic MOBA. Who knows maybe we'll see PUBG repeat Overwatch's last year success.

No surprise the game is so popular in South Korea - Bluehole, Inc. headquaters is based there and they surely know how to reach their local audience. Some future lan events could become a greater catalyst to the game's success.