One of the game developers shared some things they are working on

Better bullet drop, improved bullet travel and much more announced

Am1rtv, on of the game developers,  posted on reddit a list of things the company is currently working on.

Things in progress (not stating an ETA or when they will come out)

*Grenade Overhaul*

--Reworking the entire system to enable more responsiveness

-more accurate draw of where the grenade will land

-more versatility with the grenades in terms of how far they can be thrown as the new system will take into account velocity of the person moving and the motion that the player is making

Removing the crouch jump bug

Removing certain weapons (tommy gun) from crates and reworking them to fit the world better

UI improvements

Optimization and client side performance increase


New map

Ballistics update for weapons

-Includes better weapon physics

-improved bullet travel

-improved bullet drop

-Bullet penetration (water, wood, different textures etc)

Various other server side optimizations, client side consistency optimizations[smokes], etc etc

And a multitude of other things that I cannot comment on right now - and this doesn't include fixing existing bugs and reported issues

 Unfortunately no dates when those awesome things could be released