More than 150 000 cheaters already banned

8 000 of them banned in the last 24 hours

PlayerUnknown shared some statistics in his twitter

That is about 1,36% of all players. Cheating is among the most annoying game problems, though not the most. The most annoying for now is AFK currency farming and thats how the developers are planning to deal with it.  Player would now receive 0 points unless they pick up an item (not clothes) or kill someone.The system is now being tested on tested servers, and here are some observations from one of the reddit users:

Exiting to lobby as soon as the plane starts flying - 0 points

Staying on the plane and staying afk after it kicks you off - 0 points

Leaving the plane and waiting for the wall to kill you - 0 points

Leaving the plane and go drowning yourself - 0 points

 It is now a matter of days or even hours since these changes would be applied to live servers. Goodbye AFKers, you won't be missed