26th weekly patch is on its way to live

The developers crew keeps confusing us by rolling out updates

Just a few days passed since the last major update and the developers are already putting out some hotfixes to the test servers. Here is the list of the upcoming changes


  • Added the following feature to the Map Help section on the World Map: Marking your character's current position (Default key set to Insert)


  • You may no longer modify ini files to set a key bind for multiple actions on the same key

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that enabled angled foregrip to attach to Tommy Gun
  • Fixed a graphic bug regarding building locations
  • Fixed an animation bug that appeared when a character used healing or boosting items in the driver's seat
  • Fixed a bug that did not cancel a player's reload if the character was knocked out during the reload
  • Fixed a bug where an uncooked grenade could explode if a character was knocked out while holding it
  • Fixed a graphic bug that would cause a black box texture to appear while scoped when Anti-Aliasing was set to Low or Very Low in the Settings

Just a little reminder - configuring *.ini game files could result into the ban. Be careful! 

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