A short guide how to win from a high ranked player

Few tips that could be useful for beginners and advanced players

Hey guys! I am currently ranked ~#30 NA solo and just made my first video commentaries to help intermediate players get better.

AMA now for the next few hours and here's some general advice if your goal is to consistently rank up

  1. Don't drop closer than two big squares away. This reduces your chances of competition in your first circle. Ideally drop in a good town that is a hell of a parachute distance away. Dying in the first circle is EASY to avoid and surviving usually puts you in the top 40-50 just from that. Also, uncontested loot allows you to loot quicker and without fear of being randomly shot.

  2. If a player or two do happen to go where you go, get a gun as soon as possible (something with medium range) and hunt them discretely. Don't focus on looting, focus on eliminating your threats instead of potentially being hunted by them while you loot. Kill them and take their loot. If you shoot and miss, RELOCATE. Go far and wide where they wouldn't expect you to be, or potentially just GTFO.

  3. If a vehicle comes to your starting town, be aggressive. Hunt them and gain vision as quickly as possible and then eliminate them. Ideally before they exit the vehicle otherwise hopefully you camp outside their first building and kill them when exiting.

  4. Know where the nearest vehicle is before landing. I prefer to have a vehicle with me (ideally Dacia or UAZ). If I only have a bike or buggy, I swap to the nearest Dacia/UAZ on the way to my next location.

  5. After looting - be the first one to the best hard cover in the center of the circle. Keep your vehicle within close distance of your house. Even right outside is fine. Sure it reveals your position, but you can use sound to make sure people don't get to you before you can kill them. Don't let people get near your camp spot.

  6. If the next circle puts you outside the circle or too far from the center, relocate immediately and repeat step 5. Being the first one to the center reduces your risk of running into a camper but doesn't eliminate it entirely. Be mindful of vehicles parked outside and listen carefully for footsteps when getting near a house. If you see a vehicle, you can choose to go to the next closest area, or go to a different house that you think they are less likely to be in. For example in an area with four houses and the car is right next to one, go to the furthest house. Or, if three houses have doors open and one doesn't, go to an already looted house (again this doesn't guarantee anything but certainly is less likely to have a camper). NOTE: The meta certainly seems to be changing towards this more and more. I see a lot more people going for center circle, because it works. So that does mean you will have to fight for the position, but it's a fight you can control, where as if you play edge early on and go by foot, you have too many angles to worry about.

  7. Stay on the bottom floor and cover your entrances. People WILL try to come to your spot (more so the smaller the circle is). Defend the entrances and ideally shoot them from the first floor windows because once they enter it becomes much harder. Stair case fights are so hit or miss.

  8. Rinse and repeat until the circle is too small to be driving and just play edge and find good cover (trees, bushes, hills, etc).

  9. Don't reveal your position unless you have to, and ideally use a silencer. Shoot to kill only.

  10. The MMR system works. It gets a lot harder to win at higher ranks. You get punished for mistakes (looting in the open, standing still, revealing your position with no cover). Mistakes get you killed so don't make them.

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