PUBG esports scene accuires 3 new teams

BIG, Euronics, Flyquest now own a roster each

 Its just a bit more than a month for upcoming IEM Oakland and we see more and more powerhouses getting involved into PUBG esports scene signing new rosters almost daily. Euronics gaming were the first one signing german roster consistant of:

  • wlny
  • Alimente
  • Dansen
  • Melo

 The second one were german powerhouse BIG signing bronze squad winner of Gamescom DaZFPS

This day is another milestone in our young history. After our foundation in January we initially finished 2nd at DreamHack Leipzig 2017, won the German Championship, earned a spot for ESL Pro League, qualified for the Major, and gained the legend status. We know how to build world class teams. Today we enter a new battlefield: PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

Since its start in March 2017, PUBG struck the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide and recent growth rates were phenomenal. Although the game is still in an early stage, we strongly believe in the potential and want to be part of the growing competitive scene, as more and more organizations enter the battleground..

We are glad to announce our new roster, which consists of none other than Darren “DaZFPS” Rourke, George “HudzG” Hoskins, Antonin “TONI SOSA” Bernhardt and Ryan “fake” Kirkpatrick. At this point, we also want to thank “Noble esports” for the smooth transition of Darren “DaZFPS” Rourke, who has already showed the world his tremendous potential at GamesCom 2017. Welcome to BIG, guys. We’re thrilled.

Statement Daniel Finkler

As a world-class gaming organization we’re steadily looking for new opportunities to accelerate our development. In January we contracted the best & most prestigious German Counter-Strike players with the goal to become the best German team and compete with the international elite.

We achieved this goal eight months later after becoming a legendary team at the last 1,000,000$ Valve Major. Now we’re ready for the next step & decided to go into one of the fastest growing esport titles: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. With DaZFPS, TONI SOSA, fake & hudzG we united four of the best and most promising European players. We’re ready to compete on a world-class level with this team & I cannot be more thrilled about our decision to enter PUBG.

Statement Christian Lenz

I didn´t expect to have another team in BIG, at least not in this year. Of course we explored some options, but nothing fit into our strategy. When Niko ‘LEGIJA’ Ninic connected me with Darren ‘DaZ’ Rourke we came along pretty well directly. The PUBG scene is dropping some massive numbers and compared to other games it´s already grown up. ‘DaZ’ had his straight opinion about a possible lineup with George ‘hudzG’ Hoskins (former CS:S pro player) and Ryan ‘fake’ Kirkpatrick, two country fellowmen. Bringing in our German longtime friend and former professional CS:GO player Antonin ‘TONI’ Bernhardt, who already made himself a name in Solo Que, makes the mix of experienced and hungry players look perfect. I´m really happy to have such great players in BIG and I hope we will have great success together.

Statement Darren “DaZFPS” Rourke

Ever since BIG was founded i’ve been a huge fan, I value and respect how professional and dedicated BIG is for success. I believe by putting together this team we can strive for greatness and stamp BIG’s name into the PUBG professional scene with dedication and hard work.
BIG have a huge name in CS:GO and I would like to bring their fan base to PUBG to show what an extremely talented and dedicated team we are. PUBG is the biggest selling game of all time and we know that we want to be known as one of the best within the game

 And the last but not the least are FlyQuest:

New York, NY – Today FlyQuest Sports, an esports organization owned by Fortress
Investment Group co-founder and Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens, announced their expansion into PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds, the latest title to be featured at a premier ESL event. After months of due diligence, FlyQuest feels they have put
themselves in the best position to succeed, now and in the future. The new roster will
consist of Jonathan “Hetror” Bent, Dylan “Comet” Boden, Joseph “SomeThang” White, and Chris “Blue” Cofield. All formerly played under the name Off Constantly in both the Auzom and PUBG Online leagues.

“We couldn’t be more excited to officially expand our reach to the most played game on Steam,” said FlyQuest General Manager Ryan Edens. “The sheer growth of the scene and the announcement of a large scale tournament at IEM Oakland is a sign of things to come. We feel the boys of Off Constantly give us the best chance to succeed while also giving back to the community as a whole.”

The new roster is led by Chris “Blue” Cofield who has been with the team since its
inception. “We are absolutely ready to represent FlyQuest and are grateful for the
opportunity,” he said. “It is an honor to be part of such an established organization and we plan to bring the same passion we show for the game to the FlyQuest fans.”
This is the third title in which FlyQuest will operate. The PUBG esports team will join both the Rocket League and League of Legends rosters.

Chris “Blue” Cofield
Dylan “Comet” Boden
Joseph “SomeThang” White
Jonathan “Hetror” Bent

Thus said we will be able to watch an entartaining battle in the upcoming Oakland Qualifiers.