Latest invites, full qualification details & format adjustment for the IEM Oakland - PUBG Invitational

Since announcing the IEM Oakland - PUBG Invitational, the response from the community has been more amazing than we could have imagined. New teams have formed, rosters have been picked up by organizations, and PUBG broke records with 2 million concurrent players.

So far, five teams have accepted their invitation to the IEM Oakland - PUBG Invitational. TSM, Team Liquid, and Alliance will represent Europe while Luminosity and Noble Esports will head to the Oracle Arena to play for the North American region.


We are excited to say that two more teams have accepted their invitations to the IEM Oakland - PUBG Invitational this November.

Gorilla Core Esports

  • Max "MeTor" Lion
  • Anssi "mxey" Pekkonen
  • Jere "Jembty" Kauppinen
  • Adrian "Haxete" Blom


  • Mehmood "Moody" Amin Askar
  • Dustin "Frolicer" Halbert
  • Justin "Chappie" Andrews
  • Alexandru "SolidFPS" Cotiga

The month-old PUBG squad of Gorilla Core Esports will represent Europe at IEM Oakland while Cloud9's revamped roster will represent North America on home turf. Stay tuned for more invites in the coming weeks as the remaining five teams are announced!


We have decided to increase the number of team invitations from 10 to 12, which would help with the facilitation of our online qualifier process. This means that eight spots remain for teams to make their way to IEM Oakland through the open qualifiers.


In addition to the invited rosters, four teams from Europe and four teams from North America will punch their tickets to IEM Oakland through the open qualifiers.

Qualifiers will be held on the weekend of October 28-29. You can find all important information regarding the qualifiers here.