Welcome Envy PUBG!

As PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds expands in the esports scene--and in our office--we here at Team Envy are excited to announce our newest addition:

Our lineup includes the roster previously known as Highground: Alec "Czechshooter" Hobizal, Zachary "Venerated" Roach, Caden "Cad3n" Brill, and Jesse "Jesselol" Enzsol. Together with manager Christopher "BixLe" Dunbar, our team is ready to dominate the island! 

Highround is a succesfully competing roster from PUBGONLINE NA Showdown Series. We are curious to see if they will get a direct invite from the ESL to attednd IEM Oakland 2017.

Origin: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/counterstrike/Team_EnVyUs