EG is into competitve PUBG

OCTOBER 23, 2017 — Evil Geniuses is happy to announce that we have entered competitive PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds through an acquisition of a North American roster "grantJokur." This roster will be competing at ESL's Intel Extreme Masters Oakland PUBG event and beyond.
While PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has exploded in popularity since its release in Early Access, we have been careful to make sure that our entry into the community felt right. When the opportunity came up, we had to take it — especially since it was tied to our roots.
Those who follow North American Dota may recognize Jared "Pandaego" Fletcher as a former player and coach, working with Digital Chaos and Team Archon. Since PUBG's launch he has been a staunch enthusiast of the more competitive side of the game, topping leaderboards in multiple categories.
Along with him comes Cole "Gnomey" Garton, Timothy "GOUL" McClelland and Austin "zWattz" Watts. All four of these members are committed to a solid unit that has been tearing up online cups in preparation for bigger fish (or maybe chicken) to fry.
"We couldn't be more excited to dive EG into PUBG and the Battle Royale genre. These are the formative days for this esport that I see flourishing into another pillar of the industry. 
We're excited at EG to have a group of guys we can compete and grow with in the upcoming online events, at IEM Oakland, and into the future. So show these guys some love, and let's Bleed Blue for our newest squad!"
— Phillip Aram, Evil Geniuses COO
We felt it was important to acquire a roster that were comfortable and committed to working together as a unit. In picking up grantJokur, Evil Geniuses hopes to establish a strong presence in one of gaming's rising star titles, while giving our fans tense, tactical moments to #BleedBlue with.
The team made this statement in response to their acquisition:
We are ecstatic to be joining the EG family. All of us on grantJokur have had the aspiration to play for a professional organization for a while now and are honored to have finally found a home at Evil Geniuses. 
We are here to prove that we have what it takes to take PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds competitive scene by storm and represent EG and all you fans in the upcoming season. Evil Geniuses believes that we have what it takes to carry on their winning tradition and we plan to do so. Cheer for us on the Battlegrounds and thank you to EG and you fans for the support.
— The new EG PUBG roster
Our PUBG's roster is as follows:
Jared "Pandaego" Fletcher - Twitter | Twitch Cole "Gnomey" Garton - Twitter | Twitch Timothy "GOUL" McClelland - Twitter | Twitch Austin "zWattz" Watts - Twitter | Twitch