Two esports organisations sign IEM Oakland participants

DC and Wind and Rain are into battle for the IEM trophy

The less day till the upcoming IEM in California the more drama we get regarding its participants. Less than a week till the event kicks off and 2 esports organizations sign the event participants. The first one is Wind and Rain to sign Whitekids.

We are proudly presenting our Wind and Rain PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Team:

We are proudly presenting our Wind and Rain PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Team:

Wind And Rain has acquired one of Europe’s top PUBG teams, who will proudly represent the region at IEM Oakland; taking place from the 18th to 19th November. Roccat, a world leader in gaming hardware, has generously agreed to sponsor the team on its journey to victory. WaR’s new team battled over 300 opponents in a massive qualifying tournament to earn their spot.

PUBG has gained a huge worldwide following in a very short time. Gamescom, in August, was the first live event featuring PUBG, netting an impressive 4.5 million viewers during the tournament. IEM Oakland, the first live event in which teams can battle it out in squads, for a prize pool of 200k, promises to be even better!

 The second one is the American Digital Chaos to sign Team PogChamp.

We’re excited to announce Team PogChamp is now Digital Chaos. The squad will be participating in IEM Oakland next week after an incredible comeback run through the qualifiers. This marks our expansion into multiple game titles and we can’t wait to see how Player Unknown: Battlegrounds esports evolves over the coming months.
Ewan ‘EwanHC’ Tindale - @HcEwan Joakim ‘Jokkizz’ Olsen - @jokkiizz John ‘Awien’ Waltersson Brandell - @PubgAwien Thyge ‘Fausto’ Nyborg - @faustocoppii The squad on their opportunity with Digital Chaos: "We're all very excited to be joining Digital Chaos and grateful for the opportunity they have given us to take our team to the next level."

Earlier IEM participants were signed by such powerhouses as EG and Alliance. And this week also FaZe clan bought themselves a slot in the tournament by acquiring Gorilla Core roster.