Pubg mistakenly blocked my account.

I'm come from China.So my English is blunt. I'm sorry about that. But,I'm not a cheater. I had just played the game with my friends,and I lost connection. Then,when I sign in again,I have been banned. Please help me what relieve ban. My Game ID is Givenchyz. I'm looking forward to your reply.

I was the first one player, I just initial from game I was playing, my steam with the oldest pubg inside screenshots, can watch this is my is steam links, I especially like the game, I support until now, but this morning when I open my computer to play, my account was pubg administrator permanently banned, I hope you can give me unlock, I don't have driven a hang again. I also have a live, not letter can see my steam screenshots, I have a lot of the basis, but I don't know how to explain, would you please help me to unlock thank you!