SmaK: Positions in this game is everything

We present you another interview taken during the past Starseries I-League PUBG lan, this time it's TSM SmaK talkink about the game. Also check out the previous articles with Scoom and SOLIDFPS.

At the StarSeries i-League PUBG we have talked with a player of Team SoloMid — Austin "SmaK" Haggett.

- First of all, can you tell a bit about yourself?

- My nickname is SmaK, I play PUBG for Team SoloMid. I’ve signed with Team SoloMid from the days when PUBG first came out on scene, I was playing with these duos and then Team SoloMid picked us up and we built a team.

- What do you do in your free time, except playing PUBG?

- I like to do a bit of kayaking, in a place warmer than this one, but mostly due to our practice I love streaming the game as well.

- And have you ever faced a problem like a stream-sniping?

- Stream-snipers are always everywhere and it is a problem for every streamer, so it’s a kind all have learned to deal with it. Most of the time if they become annoying you can just go to kill them, so it’s not to be a issue.

- What is your role in the team and what responsibilities do you have?

- Most of the time I play more a support role in the team, I give an armor, I give medicines, I give guns and up to the things that teammates need. I watch back, I try to call out a potential rotation or spots we need to take.

- How do you think, what is the most important thing PUBG players need to have?

- I would say probably map knowledge, the positions in this game is everything, you can be successful with a medium aim if you have a really good positions and really good positions comes from your map knowledge.

- At this tournament every day starts from the showmatch in TPP mode, so how do you think is it like a warm-up for players and we should to have same thing on each tournament?

Showmatch doesn’t bother me too much honestly. It is not like a big deal for me. I know that it does kind of interest for Eastern audience, so it’s ok to me. But if I have a choice between having it or no - I would say no or maybe to make it in FPP mode.

- Do you like a point system here at StarSeries i-Legue? 6 points for the one kill - is it enough?

- I’d prefer a system where the kills gives a bit more points. But I think it’s gonna take time and we never gonna know the right point system if we wouldn’t try different things. So everyone is gonna try something new and maybe in time the whole scene together will decide what the best score system is and everyone should be satisfied with it, I think it is the best way about it.

- And which one do you prefer: to play at a closed tournament like this one or to play in front of crowd?

- I enjoy both. Crowd don’t really bother me, especially because I’m a streamer and I never get nervousness or smth like that, so be in a front of crowd is fun, the energy level is a little bit higher whenever you win it feels very good. But something like this [StarSeries i-League] is nice as well because you able to focus a bit more and a setup here is a really-really fantastic, I’m enjoyable.

And the final is a short blitz:

- What game style do you prefer: rush or hold?

- I absolutely prefer to rush but obviously that is not always the best way.

- Which type of transport would you choose: Motorbike, Buggy or MicroBus?

- Bike for sure.

- Your favorite weapon in PUBG?

 It would be M4 for sure.

- Your favorite place to land?

- I would probably say Military base.