PUBG Esports 2024 Roadmap


Hello PUBG Esports Fans,

Thanks for your unwavering support and patience across the past few weeks while we've been hard at work finalizing our yearly tournament schedule. We're incredibly excited to unveil the global PUBG Esports 2024 Roadmap, but before we jump into the details, let's start with a quick recap of PGC 2023.

PUBG ESPORTS 2023 recap: A Year of Milestones

PGC 2023 was a landmark event, becoming the most successful PUBG Global Championship to date, thanks to you, our fans. The championship showcased thrilling matches from the world's best teams and achieved remarkable viewership numbers. The competition was fiercer than ever, evidenced by the narrowest 61-point gap between the 1st and 16th teams in the grand finals. We reached a peak of 1.5 million unique viewers, with an average of 900K viewers per match, totaling an impressive 11,730,000 viewers overall.

A key development in 2023 was the return of the PUBG Global Series (PGS), which expanded the scope of global-level matches. This meant more participating teams and more opportunities for players to showcase their skills at the highest level. As the 2023 season expanded, the number of match days increased from 21 in 2022 to 36 in 2023, and the overall prize pool nearly doubled, from 2.5 million to 4.8 million USD.


Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to announce that the regional series will kick off in March, culminating in the grand finale, PUBG Global Championship in December.


In 2024, we will host four rounds of the PUBG Global Series, each featuring a 300K USD prize pool. The series will feature 24 teams, including 10 Global Partner Teams and 14 teams from regional series. The top teams from these series will eventually advance to the PGC.

How will teams qualify? 

Regional Series from five different regions: China, Korea, EMEA, APAC and AMERICAS, will act as a regional qualifiers as well as offering their own paths to the biggest tournaments of the year.

Each Regional Series will contribute teams to the PUBG Global Series as follows:

  • CHINA - 2 Seeds
  • KOREA - 3 Seeds
  • EMEA - 2 Seeds
  • APAC - 4 Seeds
  • AMERICAS - 3 Seeds

The top 14 teams from the first regional series will participate in the first and second PGS tournaments, followed by the top 14 teams from the second regional series competing in the year's third and fourth PGS tournaments.

Top-tier Global Events: PGC 2024, PNC 2024 and more.

The PUBG Global Championship remains the pinnacle event of PUBG Esports, with participation limited to the finest teams from the Regional Series and PUBG Global Series. We will share more details about PGC 2024 later this year.

We're also excited to announce the return of the PUBG Nations Cup in 2024. This unique event features PUBG Esports' all-star players to compete in their country's uniforms, vying for the title of the best PUBG nation.

Additionally, we're planning another mid-season global event where players will be heading for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. More details to be announced later. so stay tuned!

PUBG Global Partner Team Update

Following our previous announcement 'PUBG GLOBAL PARTNER TEAM 2024', we are expanding the Global Partner pool from eight to ten teams. 

Our partner teams are pivotal to our success, contributing not only through competition but also by fostering community engagement. These select teams will receive direct invitations to PGS tournaments, along with the creation of unique, team-branded items that will resonate with fans globally.

Currently, we are re-evaluating our existing partnerships and carefully considering new applicants to ensure a dynamic and competitive lineup for 2024.

We eagerly anticipate announcing the finalized roster of the 2024 global partner teams very soon!


Your continuous support for PUBG Esports is invaluable. We're committed to developing a competitive and thrilling battle royale esports experience for everyone.

Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead in PUBG Esports!