EVENT 2024.05.17 21:00 - 2024.05.18 02:00 (UTC)

Get ready as we dive back into the roots of our history with the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS OG Battle Royale on Twitch Rivals.  


Join us on Friday, May 17 at 2 PM PT for a fierce competition on the map where it all began — Erangel Classic. Captains and their teams will also take on the challenges of Miramar and Vikendi, competing for a share of the $100,000 prize pool. 


Prepare to follow these team captains, each equipped to conquer the challenges of classic and modern battlegrounds! 



How to Claim Your Twitch Drops 

  • Link Your Accounts: Log in or create your Krafton ID, link your gaming platform (Steam or console) and your Twitch account.
  • Watch to Earn: Watch eligible streams for total 150 minutes to unlock all items.
  • Claim Your Drops: Visit Twitch Drops Inventory to claim your rewards.
  • Retrieve Your Rewards: Open your game client to officially add the rewards to your PUBG inventory. 

Twitch Drops Notice: Console players will receive their Twitch Rivals rewards a week later due to the console update schedule. Once they claim their rewards on Twitch, they will automatically receive them upon the May 23, after the live server update. No action is required on the player's side aside from fulfilling the watch conditions and claiming their items from the Twitch client. 


  • Which streams qualify for drops? 
    Twitch Rivals, team captain channels, and all participating streamers with the "Drops enabled" tag will count towards earning drops. 

  • How can I track my progress? 
    You can monitor your drop acquisition progress on the Twitch Drops Inventory page. 

  • Can I earn drops by watching multiple streams simultaneously? 
    No, drops are earned through viewing one active channel at a time. Watching multiple streams won’t increase drop rate.

  • Drop Delivery Time: 
    Expect a slight delay, up to 30 minutes, for drops to appear in your PUBG inventory. Ensure your accounts are linked properly on the KRAFTON ID page to avoid issues.

  • Troubleshooting Connections: 
    Verify your connection on Twitch's settings page. If there's an issue, try unlinking and then relinking your Twitch account on 


Don’t miss this chance to witness the thrilling action and nostalgia of PUBG’s most iconic battleground. Join us for an unforgettable evening of competitive PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, celebrating both past and present.  

See you on the battlegrounds!