Dev Letter: Ranked Map Service

DEV LETTER 2024.01.25

Hello players,

As we step into 2024, we'd like to drop by and share some key updates to the Ranked maps lineup ahead of the February update, so you could get an early look at our plans and understand the reason behind these changes.

Starting from Update 28.1 (Feb), the map rotation will include all maps of 8x8 size, fixating the four maps prominently featured in Esports: Erangel (25%) / Miramar (25%) / Taego (20%) / Vikendi (20%) / Deston or Rondo (10%).

Let's first talk about our classic maps: Erangel and Miramar. We know how much you love these battlegrounds, and the stats back it up - they have the lowest dropout rates and are truly the heart of our game. To honor your preference, these two fan-favorites will remain a prominent place in our map rotation, each taking up 25% probability.

For Taego and Vikendi, we've decided to allocate 20% each in the rotation. This decision springs from the unique synergy these maps offer, enhancing your enjoyment both as spectators of Esports and as fierce survivors in the game. Acknowledging the community's feedback regarding Vikendi's notable absence in Ranked games, despite its widespread popularity in Normal Matches, we've decided to permanently incorporate it into the Ranked rotation. Furthermore, we're committed to regularly fixating official tournament maps into the Ranked pool.

Deston or Rondo will also be present on a seasonal cycle, which occurs roughly every two months. We believe starting off at a 10% probability in Ranked could spice things up. At present, we do not intend to introduce these maps into our Esports lineup during the first half of the year - this is especially true for the Rondo map, which has recently received updates and is still in the process of fine-tuning. And as always we're looking to you, our knowledgeable and experienced players, to help us gather valuable insights. Your deep understanding of these maps is crucial in evolving and optimizing them for Ranked, thereby shaping a more fitting and enhanced Esports experience in the future.

The reason behind these probability selections is straightforward: We want to balance what you love with the need to keep the game dynamic and engaging. While we're eager to bring in new experiences, we also want to respect the legacy and preferences that have shaped our community. And our overarching goal? To strengthen the bond between the matches you love watching and those you relish playing. We're constantly working to align the game more closely with the Esports spirit. Additionally, we are aware of concerns about repetitive map matchmakings, so this update also aims to address that - bringing more variety to your gaming sessions. Think of it like how we balance new items in the game; it's all about finding that sweet spot.

Lastly, we bet you're keen to know about the updates to the map service in Normal Matches. Rest assured, we're diligently monitoring your feedback regarding these and plans are geared to align with your server and map preferences. Stay tuned, as we'll be sharing more detailed updates specifics. Your patience and continued engagement are greatly appreciated.

See you on the Battlegrounds.