All teams for upcoming IEM Oakland are set

Today the names of the rest participant became known after online qualifiers

 Just a few weeks left for the upcoming $ 200 000 LAN in shiny California and today the final part of the online qualifiers was played. European qualifiers were under dominance performance of CIS team Avangar which resulted them in the first place:

The NA qualification was a bit rough, some of the reddit users accused one of the members of the qualified team of cheating:

Anyways here is the list of teams we are expecting to see for the upcoming IEM Oakland 2017:

  • Team Liquid (Hayz, Scoom, Molnman, ollywood)
  • Team SoloMid (Viss, aimPR, SmaK, BreaK)
  • Luminosity Gaming (Ninja, JP2, Drassel, Chipzy)
  • Noble eSports (Boom, Edakulous, DazFPS, Interrogate)
  • Alliance (veazyy, Romz, Ciggzy, OdinThor)
  • Gorilla Core Esports (MeTor, Mxey, Jembty, Haxete)
  • Cloud9 (Chappie, SolidFPS, Moody, Frolicer, Frexs)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweaterr, CrunchBruh, Borg, Ekkz)
  • PENTA Sports (Frosz, SIMSYOFDOOM, jeemzz, ultra)
  • Evil Geniuses (Goul, Pandaego, Zwattz, Gnomey)
  • Tempo Storm (Valliate, YaBoiDre, Meluke, Sambty)
  • Method Gaming (AndyPyro, RaptorDaRaptor, EnergeticTurtle, Aitzy)
  • AVANGAR (0nuqtive, keeN, Drainys, MuMiNo)
  • Whitekids (Caint, GustavQQ, Tryffeli, Wookiebookie)
  • *aAa* Gaming (mOnKeY, oraxehaze, Shadow1k, Shiv)
  • Team PogChamp (AwieN, EwanHC, FaustoCoppi, Jokkizz)
  • Ghost Gaming (Miccoy, Definelegit, ayyk95, Pr0phie)
  • Ronin Esports (Duckk, Kraqen, Minifridgejr, notadeveloper)
  • Miami Flamingos (TonyV, ZeNTTRiiX, DatKoko, OneHunnaRounds)
  • Corn Shuckrs (eLusive, EnV, PaaaRADOX, Zanpah)

ESL shed light on the situation if some of the players of the qualified teams would have visa problems.

 We are hoping all the qualified teams will be attending at the future event.