Show them, who you are – PUBG skin as a reflection of personality, and… a source of money!

After appearing in locations of the PUBG, the only thing you should care about is surviving. Hide from the other players, search for a weapon, kill everyone around! So, why many gamers bother about skins? These things are, in fact, just clothes on your virtual character and can’t influence the game process.

But why people wear different clothes in the real world too? Why not give identical grey hoodies for everyone and make them wear one thing for years? Game characters are like representations of the gamers’ personalities – we want them to look cool, to show in a way our internal world, our beauty and powers. This appearance in the game should not be underestimated! It may give you absolutely new feelings from the game process, make your PUBG experience totally amazing.

Also, understanding the significance of skins for PUBG players, you can make some real money on selling clothes, gotten from the shooting sessions.

Someone behind the screen

You just remember that feeling, when you see a virtual opponent during playing PUBG. This is obviously, that there is a real alive human being behind that virtual character. He or she seats in front of a monitor and wants to kill your hero. Who is that person? Everything you may guess about is based on the appearance of the character. And that feeling is the same for all your opponents – they see your virtual guy or girl and make up an opinion about you in the same way.

What can people think about you, playing on the same location?

Different approaches to creating a style

You may dress-up the hero for creating some effects in the mind of opponents. What about being as scary as the Devil himself, making everyone around afraid even to come close to such an enemy? Or maybe you prefer to be as inconspicuous as possible, to create a false effect of security but kill everybody with lightning speed? Such approach is quite practical – you choose not just clothes but even your game behavior.

Another one way is taking skins similarly to the same process in the reality. What do you wear in daily life? Imagine you can take anything, even something quite absurd. But why just imagine – do this in the game, letting your fantasy fly freely with no limitations at all. This is quite an artistic approach and it influences yours and opponents’ impressions.

Let’s not forget about one very significant aspect of clothes – both virtual and real cost money. If people see on a street someone wearing a branded scarf, they will think about that person not the same as about someone with an obviously cheap thing. In case of PUBG, we have very rare and very expensive clothes. Of course, they will create a totally stunning impression in knowledgeable people.

But stop! Why do we should divide these approaches? They can be melted in one, ultimate way of creating your virtual style in PUBG – base it on your game behavior, make it represent your personality, and choose as rare things as possible.

High fashion of PUBG

Players can easily handle their game behaviors and representations of their personalities. But they may need a bit of help with the rarity of PUBG skins. So, especially for you, here is info about a few unique game items.

The same as in the real world, women clothes in PUBG are more fancy and expensive. Those virtual girls can be very dangerous, you know?

The costliest things here are in the style of schoolgirls – it’s something of tangled power and sexuality, with reminds of the film Battle Royale, the origin of the PUBG game. Here are Black and Ivory School Uniform Sets:


Here are some individual things. This skirt costs nearly $400:

This one is a bit cheaper – it costs nearly $250:

These shorts can be bought for nearly $270:

Guys can add these amazing red boots to their costumes. They cost nearly $120.

This TrenchCoat is made in the style of the Assassin’s Creed game. Do you want to get it for nearly $300?

This small bandana is quite expensive – its price is nearly $350

To wear? Or to sell for real money?

Prices on these skins are quite impressive, don’t you think? Wearing them in the game is a cool experience, but maybe it is even cooler to sell them for real money! This is totally possible to do on online marketplaces, but there you have to wait for a buyer, what may be a non-easy task. It is much better to sell PUBG skins on such services as Skins.Cash – they propose a nice price and pay money almost instantly.

Where to get these skins?

During the game, players get special in-game currency. It allows buying crates with randomly dropped items.

You choose a type of the crates and then try your luck – maybe a really nice thing will be dropped.

Usually, gamers collect lots of items, which they don’t use at all. But some valuable skins just elude from them. You, guys, can sell common skins and buy rare ones. But if the cost of existing items is insufficient for nice skins, you can try your luck on gambling sites – make bets with cheap skins and hope to win lots of coins for amazingly expensive items! The site CSGOreview write nice reviews of such services for CS:GO. Many of them work with PUBG skins too, so you can choose a decent one there!

It is nice to have lots of different skins, which you really like. Dressing up your character with them will be a way to express even your temper and changes in your worldview. In this aspect, you can don’t care about others’ opinion and just be yourself by 100%.