FaZe Clan sign IEM participants

American multigaming accuires Gorilla Core roster.

FaZe Clan to Acquire “Gorilla Core” and Enter PUBG


2017 has been a year of planning, refocusing, regrouping; and we’ve had some growing up to do while going back to our roots; a gaming collective and brotherhood.
To us it’s about the lifestyle around gaming, to have fun and truly enjoy the games; to entertain and to be entertained, and the ultra competitive side of it; eSports. Our mission as a gaming collective is to push the boundaries of what gaming means to us and people around the world. Gaming is mainstream, it’s part of most of us, whether we play less or more, watch to learn, to laugh or to get our heartbeats racing. It’s about belonging and sharing experiences together.
Our mission as a brotherhood is to stay true to who we are while taking FaZe Clan to the next level; to compete head-to-head with all those entering the gaming space.
We want to write our own story and stand tall for all our fans with all the power that we have, work to inspire our fans and people all around the world to pursue their own passions and dreams, with no fear and with absolute bravery.
Going back to the roots means that we’ll leave it all out there while playing to entertain and to compete; and we’ll be rolling out back to back. We’ll grind out the year, enter 2018 like we are finishing 2017; with the fire back in our hearts. We’re feeling it; are you?
We are coming and we’ll make sure to make some noise for all of you out there. It’s go time!
Alone we are strong. Together we are unstoppable. FaZe Clan Forever!
FaZe Clan


We’ve been looking into games that we are enjoying and believing in. We believe PUBG is one of them and as a first step; we are entering the esports side of the game.
PUBG being a new esports means that the key is to work with the players that have intense drive to put in hours required combined with to focus to progress every single day. Then the talent will put you over the top. Gorilla Core got that.
FaZe Clan is proud to announce that we’ll be entering PUBG with the Gorilla Core squad that has been dominating the European scene.
The first chance to see the new roster in action will be at IEM OAKLAND on November 18/19 at the Oracle Arena where they compete in the $250,000 prize pool.


I got a good feeling about this. FaZe Clan is more than esports and that’s what I love about it. They are showing the way in all areas. We’ll fight to be the best versions of ourselves.
I just want to kill it for the FaZe Clan fans. It’s overwhelming to be part of this, but at the end of the day; all we need to focus on is to grab that number 1 spot and stay on top.
It’s go time!!! I just want to play and #FaZeUp.
This all happened very fast. We formed the squad with support from Gorilla Core and together we decided to go for this and put in the time to compete at the highest levels. Now we got all the backing to do just that. Let’s go!
To be apart of the FaZe Clan is truly a blessing the Squad is great and the Brand is so massive. It’s time to show up!
Zephyr (Coach)
I've been following FaZe since CoD Days. As soon as I heard about the organizations reaching out left, right, and center. I immediately said; what about FaZe Clan? Then it happened! I’m beyond thrilled and we’ll all work hard to prove that we are a top tier team. #FaZeUp
In addition, we were so impressed with their management that the leadership will join the FaZe Clan ranks to develop esports together with us!


To the FaZe Clan fans,
I’m honored to be joining the community and can’t wait to get to work. We have been contacted by so many organizations over the last few months, but it’s always been about hardcore business. When FaZe Clan called us; we had an incredible talk and shared some good laughs together. We really connected; they’re great people.
FaZe Clan is probably the only massive organization left that has been able to organically grow without any external funding and that allows them to be true to their fans, be themselves, try and fail, raise up again and move forward. If they can keep this up; it’ll be an incredible story. It’s real and so inspiring!
I’m really proud to become part of this. I have to admit - I’ve been following FaZe Clan for years and to see the boys grow up has been both entertaining and awesome. FaZe Clan has some great plans ahead and I’ll do my best to execute and live up to their expectations. I guess it’s only one thing to say; FaZe Up!!

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