Open qualifier team triumphs in Oakland

aAa to win in Califronia at IEM

The second lan event brought to us by the game developers PUBG Corp. has come to an end. It has been an emotional rollercoaster to watch how the best world teams compete with each other for the share of the $200 000 prize pool. After the first day of the event TSM was on the top of the learboards, however it was pretty close at the top.

The second day however left no questions who would win the tournament. The frenchmen of team aAa have shown dominant performance and managed to take the first play leading by almost 300 points from the second place.

The final prize distribution is:

  1. *aAa* Gaming (mOnKeY, oraxehaze, Shadow1k, Shiv) - 60 000$
  2. Tempo Storm (Valliate, YaBoiDre, Meluke, Sambty)  - 45 000$
  3. Ghost Gaming (Miccoy, Definelegit, Austin, Pr0phie) - 30 000$
  4. FaZe Clan (Fuzzface, mxey, Jembty, Haxete) - 20 000$
  5. Digital Chaos (AwieN, EwanHC, FaustoCoppi, Jokkizz) - 15 000$
  6. Team SoloMid (Viss, aimPR, SmaK, BreaK) - 12 000$
  7. Cloud9 (Chappie, SolidFPS, Moody, Frolicer) - 10 000$
  8. Method (AndyPyro, LaytoN, EnergTurtle, Aitzy) - 8 000$

IEM Oakland 2017 winners team against All authority.

It has been an exciting and entertaining event to watch, the organizers have improved a lot since the first event at Gamescom in August. We are hoping to see more of this kind of events in the future.