A new portion of datamined skins from the test client

Take a look what we possibly could see in the game in the near future

Earlier we shared some of the datamined skins from the test client. Some of them, like dp-28, have already been announced but keep in mind some of them could also still remain a concept and never see their release iin the final version of the game. Some of them have been suggested by users like the flare gun or sawed off. Some of them like Rhino or its real life version Chiappa Rhino were made by the game developers. Anyway we got plenty of cool cosmetics which would definitely affect the price of some of the current top priced skins on the market.

Flare Gun
Sawed Off
Xbox Pre-Order Crate
Xbox Pre-Order Crate
Xbox Pre-Order Crate
Некоторые из вышеперечисленных скинов были также ранее обнаружены порталом skintracker вместе и с другой косметикой.