Optic Gaming triumph at first day of IEM Katowice

The first day of IEM Katowice was full of violent clashes all acros Erangel and no doubt every team who has managed their way to the tournament has come here for only one goal - to win this event. Unexpectedly the first day winners are Optic Gaming who managed to take 2 chicken dinners out of 4 maps on day one. Here is the short recap of the day

Some photos from the event

The first plane, here we go

Optic take the first chicken dinner of the event

KSV show some nading skills

Cloud 9 destroy FaZe Clan

AVANGAR showing impressive performance on map 2

The last IEM winners Team Vitality has taken map 3 and in the final map Optic Gaming managed to win a vicious clutch

По итогам дня таблица лидеров выглядит следующим образом:

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