Need a explain from Bluehole

  Dear PUBG worker:

        First of all, I want to explain my situation. After the PUBG was updated, I was consecutively blocked by 4 accounts,all of which were just new purchases. The first account was once in the top ten of the US service killing list. I have played 800 hours. The second number played for 400 hours and was also banned after banning my first account. The friend told me that it may be due to a computer problem or an IP address. So I reinstalled the system and the game and bought the third and fourth numbers. The result is still the same. Global ban appeared when I was playing. I really don't know what the PUBG's title system is, or what you guys did to my IP address. I didn't use any additional plugins to play the game. I thought it was a virus in the computer, but after reinstalling the system, it still appeared. In this case, I really lost confidence in PUBG. I don’t know why I’m going to ban my number. I’m very fond of this game and want to continue playing, but I am not a cheat. I hope PUBG staff can give me a satisfactory answer and explanation.

  First Account ID   : IGICELEE_2tap

  Second Account ID: YTSwag_2tap

  Third Account ID  : Steven_Tong

  Fourth Account ID : LanDongsilema1

I was already played this game nearly 1500 hours, I do not want to lost this game. Hopefully you can solve this problem as soon as possible.

   Best wishes

   Steven Wu