Patch Notes - Update 28.1

PATCH NOTES 2024.02.06

28.1 Highlights

Live Maintenance Schedule

ā€» The times shown below are subject to change.

  • PC: February 7, 12 AM - 8:30 AM (UTC)
  • Console: February 15, 1 AM - 10 AM (UTC)

Map Service

The map service has been updated to closely reflect regional preferences.

ā€» PC players can anticipate the next rotation every Wednesday at 2 AM UTC, while Console players can expect the same every Thursday at 7 AM UTC.

Live Server - Normal Match

Map Select Regions (AS, SEA)


Favored Map 
(Rondo, Miramar, Sanhok, Taego)


(Paramo, Vikendi, Karakin, Deston)

Week 1ErangelMiramarRondoSanhokParamo
Week 2ErangelSanhokMiramarTaegoVikendi
Week 3ErangelMiramarTaegoRondoKarakin
Week 4ErangelTaegoRondoSanhokDeston
Week 5ErangelRondoSanhokMiramarParamo

Map Select Regions - KR/JP, KAKAO

FixedFavored Map
Week 1ErangelTaegoSanhokRondoParamo
Week 2ErangelTaegoSanhokMiramarVikendi
Week 3ErangelTaegoSanhokRondoKarakin
Week 4ErangelTaegoSanhokMiramarDeston
Week 5ErangelTaegoSanhokRondoParamo

Random Map Regions - NA,EU,RU,OC,SA & Console
ā€» Bigger maps will each have a 22% probability and smaller maps will have a 11% rate each.


Favored Map
(Taego, Rondo, Vikendi, Miramar)


(Deston, Sanhok, Karakin, Paramo)

Week 1ErangelTaegoRondoVikendiDeston
Week 2ErangelRondoVikendiMiramarSanhok
Week 3ErangelVikendiMiramarTaegoDeston
Week 4ErangelMiramarTaegoRondoKarakin
Week 5ErangelTaegoRondoMiramar

Live Server - Ranked

  • Erangel (25%) / Miramar (25%) / Taego (20%) / Vikendi (20%) / Deston (10%)
  • The map service for Ranked is updated on a season-by-season basis.

< Dev's comment >

Following the December release of our tenth map, Rondo, we recognized the need for a map service approach that more accurately aligns with player preferences - so with Erangel being the exception, we have specifically considered regional variations.

We've employed in-game metrics to overhaul our map selection mechanism, ensuring it now mirrors regional preferences more closely. This adjustment significantly boosts the likelihood of players enjoying their favored maps.

Further analysis of community input and trends has prompted us to revise the lineup of fixed maps. For example, for the KR/JP and KAKAO regions, we've responded to explicit player feedback by securing a permanent spot for three beloved maps, Taego and Sanhok included. When it comes to areas with a random map selection, a clear preference for larger maps has emerged, leading us to favor all such maps, Deston being the sole exception. Despite Deston's lower preference, its comparative popularity over smaller maps has justified a slight uptick in its appearance rate.

For this map service strategy, prioritizing player feedback is crucial - we will maintain our practice of monitoring regional trends through metrics while enhancing our engagement with the community to guide the improvements more effectively and appropriately.

For Ranked, we've ensured that all 8x8 maps are included, with four prominently featured in Esports, now established as fixed rotations. For more details on this change, read the Dev Letter: Ranked Map Service previously shared.

ā€» Please note that the features and updates described below are subject to change or removal due to issues such as bugs, in-game problems, and community feedback. The images used are intended as visual references only; the actual game may look different as the builds are continually developed and refined before release.



  • Damage: 34 → 32
  • Vertical recoil increased by approximately 18%.
  • Horizontal recoil increased by approximately 15%.



  • Buckshot spread has increased by approximately 13%.
  • Time required for pump action: 0.5s → 0.61s
  • Bullet size has been slightly reduced. (Thus, reducing the likelihood of accurately striking the target.)


  • Buckshot spread has increased by approximately 14%.
  • Bullet size has been slightly reduced.


  • Buckshot spread has increased by approximately 40%.
  • Time required for pump action: 0.45s → 0.63s
  • Rate of fire decreased from 480 RPM → 375 RPM.
  • Bullet size has been slightly reduced.


  • Pellet spread tightness: 30% → 13%

< Dev's comment >

The JS9 was initially designed to diversify the current AR & DMR gunplay meta, aiming to improve its versatility through balanced damage output and refined recoil control. Thus the JS9 distinguished itself as a formidable weapon, achieving the highest kill ratio among its peers and emerging as a compelling new option. Yet, its notable average win rate of 56.0% in clashes with ARs signals the need for rebalancing, especially to moderate its overperformance in mid to long-range combats. While efforts have been made to tune its damage and recoil, its excellence in close-quarter confrontations and player-friendliness will sustain. And looking ahead to 2024, we'd like to enhance the functionality of less favored weapons, so let us know your thoughts, starting with the JS9, to help us shape SMG's future.

Similarly, Shotguns ran through thorough assessments via in-game analytics and ongoing player feedback, verifying their potent damage capacity at extended ranges. Although designed to excel in close-quarters combat, we've decided to rebalance buckshot spread, bullet size, and Choke performance to moderate their impact in medium to long-range encounters. This adjustment aims to restrict their effective range, but maintain their positions as a formidable option within 10 meters. Additionally, for the S1897 and DBS, we've fine-tuned the pump action timing and rate of fire, scaling down their effectiveness in scenarios involving multiple opponents. The DBS, in particular, has demonstrated a considerable win rate of 59.7% against ARs and 59.5% against SMGs. These changes are intended to align it more closely with other fellow Shotguns.

World: Rondo

ā€» The following features are available only in Rondo.

New Vehicle: Pico Bus

Introducing PUBG's first electric vehicle. Ride the new 6-seater Pico Bus and discover the unique charm of electric vehicles as you hit the roads of Rondo!

  • Unlike other vehicles, the Pico Bus is battery-powered and offers superior acceleration.
  • Health: 1800
  • Max speed: Approximately 114km/h
  • Max speed using boost: Approximately 127km/h
    • Boost provides excellent initial acceleration but significantly drains the battery.
  • Max speed when going backward: Approximately 40km/h
  • Regenerative braking comes into play when the forward/reverse keys are released.
    • During regenerative braking, the battery will be slightly charged.
    • Regenerative braking does not work if the vehicle is switched off or the battery is completely discharged.
  • Exclusive sound for electronic vehicles has been added.
  • Chargeable only at the Charging Station.
  • World-spawns only in Rondo.

Charging Station

Electronic vehicles can be charged at the Charging Station.

  • Charging Stations have been added to the NEOX Factory and Test Track.
  • Charging method and charging time are the same as those of the Fuel Pump.
  • Does not cause physical damage when destroyed.


Item Shop

  • 2 healing items have been added.
    • First Aid Kit
    • Energy Drink
  • The available quantity for particular purchasable items has been changed from 4 to 2.
  • The purchase price of particular items has increased.
  • The selling price of attachments has been reduced.

Weapons Dealer

  • Removed the Vector and added new weapons.
    • QBZ
    • AKM
    • M249
    • UMP45
    • Micro UZI
    • S12K
  • The Weapons Dealer only offers world-spawn weapons for purchase.

Pillar UAZ

  • To enhance defense capabilities while adjusting the overall balance, we've broadened the bulletproof coverage area and moderately reduced its health.

Emergency Cover Flare

Weight increased from 15 → 23.


Looted BR Coins and Gold Bars will be sorted after healing and boost items.


To reduce player fatigue and distraction, brightness and overall shadows of the Sunset weather have been adjusted.


Terrain color and outlines have been adjusted for better visibility.

Spawn Changes

  • The number of spawns for the Blue Chip Transmitter has slightly decreased.
  • The number of spawns for the Emergency Cover Flare has significantly decreased.


Removed a few doors in some buildings in Rondo.


ā€» The following features apply to all modes.


Explore new ways to jump, strengthen teamwork, and have a bit more fun with our new vaulting features.

Vehicle Vaulting

You can now vault vehicles, with a few exceptions!

  • Available when the vehicle is moving at 5km/h or less, regardless of whether the engine is running or not.

Co-op Climb

The new cooperative vaulting feature will help you reach greater heights and allow you to lend a hand to pull up your teammate.

Lifting a Teammate

  • For the player lifting their teammate, crouch near the desired location and hold downthe Limited Interact key.
    • This interaction is not possible if you're standing, prone, or positioned on terrain exceeding a specific angle.
  • For the player attempting to vault, press the Interact key to step onto your teammate's hands and proceed with the vault.
    • This interaction is not possible if you're prone. 
    • There is a maximum height limit for this action.
  • Any significant impact, being knocked out, or being killed will interrupt and cancel the co-op climb.

Pulling Up a Teammate

  • For the player pulling up a teammate, crouch and hold downthe Limited Interact key to extend your hand, offering a grip for your teammate.
    • This interaction is not possible if you're standing, prone, or positioned on terrain exceeding a specific angle.
  • For the player attempting the climb, press the Interact key to grasp your teammate's offered hand and climb up.
    • This interaction is not possible if you're prone. 
  • Any significant impact, being knocked out, or being killed will interrupt and cancel the co-op climb.

Dev's comment: With Update 28.1, we're introducing new vaulting features to add more action to the game. While experienced players have their own ways of vaulting vehicles, we're making vehicle vaulting even more accessible to allow for more realistic and natural play with less unnecessary movement. We're also introducing a 2-player co-op climb for a whole new experience, paving the way for stronger teamwork and new strategies.


Three-wheeled motorbikes have been removed from all maps due to the notably low usage. In their stead, we've adjusted the spawn rates of vehicles that see more frequent use.

Gas Can

An upgrade has been made to one of our classic items - the Gas Can, to help make it into a more dandy tool.

  • Vehicles can now be refueled from outside using the Gas Can.
    • Equip the Gas Can and use the Limited Interact key when near a vehicle to start refueling.
  • Removed the automatic transfer of the Gas Can to the inventory when you enter a vehicle while it's equipped.
  • (PC) If you have the Gas Can equipped and enter a vehicle, the Gas Can can be promptly used using the key to use the 4th inventory slot.

Ranked - Season 28

  • The leaderboard will reset after the Live Server maintenance.
  • Check out your final Tier from the previous season through your Career page.

Season 27 Rewards

Below are the rewards you'll be receiving based on your final Tier from the previous Ranked season.

BronzeBronze PUBG ID Emblem
SilverSilver PUBG ID Emblem

Gold PUBG ID Emblem

Ranked Parachute Skin


Animated Platinum PUBG ID Emblem

Ranked Parachute Skin

Platinum Medal


Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem

Ranked Parachute Skin

Platinum, Diamond Medal


Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem

Animated Master Nameplate

Ranked Parachute Skin

Platinum, Diamond, Master Medal

Top 500

Bonus rewards for Top 500 players:

  • Animated Top 500 PUBG ID Emblem
  • Animated Top 500 Nameplate
  • The Parachute skin and Medals are permanent rewards. The rest of the obtainable rewards are available for use during a single Ranked season.
  • Rewards can be found in your Inventory/Edit Profile page once Season 28 starts.
  • Once Season 28 is over and the server undergoes maintenance, every reward but the Parachute and Medal will be withdrawn.

Training Mode

  • The Airboat has been removed.
  • The Food Truck, Blanc, and Pico Bus will be available.


The AI Training mode, provided to aid new or returning players, was not as effectively utilized as anticipated. Thus, the AI Training mode has been removed. (The associated tutorial missions have been updated accordingly.)

Utility Belt

We'd like to inform our players about a change coming in the March update: the removal of the Utility Belt.

First off, our analysis revealed that many newcomers to PUBG often overlook the Utility Belt's benefits - this leads them to unequip it entirely, which impacts the early game phase, where the belt plays a role in looting capacity.

Also, a considerable number of players have expressed that the Utility Belt interferes with the visual appeal of their costume skins. Despite its hideable feature, its persistent visibility to other players detracts from their customized gaming experience.

We also conducted a survey that highlighted that the majority does not strongly object to the Utility Belt's removal.

All these were crucial in guiding our decision-making process. So in response to these insights and feedback, we have decided to remove the Utility Belt in March and integrate its capacity feature directly into the character's basic stats.

  • From this update onwards, Utility Belt skins will no longer be obtainable from the Store, Workshop, or Random Crates. These skins will also no longer be eligible for trade on the Steam Community Market.
  • Players currently owning Utility Belt skins will be eligible for compensation in March.
Random Crate
  • Utility Belt (Brown)
  • Battle Belt
  • 7,000 BP

Survivor Pass
  • Cowboy Holster
  • Coldfront Utility Belt
  • Quilted Utility Belt
  • Hip Hugger Beach Belt
  • 300 Bonus G-COIN
Workshop (Imprints)
  • Cowboy Holster
  • Coldfront Utility Belt
  • Quilted Utility Belt
  • Coldfront Utility Belt included in the Jockey Set Imprint
  • 300 Credit
  • Madsy Utility Belt
  • 10,000 BP

Crafter Pass: Spring Fest 2024

A new Crafter Pass is here to usher in the first festival of the year. Read more details on the Spring Fest 2024 announcement!


Introducing the new Progressive Weapon Skins and Chromas - craftable only through Special Crafting at the Workshop! Check out the full details on the Spring Fest 2024 announcement.

Special Crafting Closing Date

ā€» The Special Crafting - Spring Fest 2024 tab will be accessible only until the following dates. Make sure to use up your Spring Fest Tokens before the closing date!

  • PC
    • UTC: April 9, 12 AM
  • Console
    • UTC: April 18, 1 AM


  • Optimized the Death Cam loading process.
  • Enhanced the logic involving character movement, resulting in improved performance stability in situations where multiple players are gathered.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where a high concentration of players in specific areas of the starting island caused frame rate drops.
  • Fixed an issue where steering a Boat would also move a square object at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the rankings and Kill Points for players rejoining the game after an unexpected exit are not updated.
  • (PC) Adjusted the audible range of gunfire sounds from weapons that did not match the original settings.


  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and some other general Deston and Rondo issues.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Radio Messages from recognizing the Market.
  • Fixed an issue causing instant death when hit by a Stun Gun in a DBNO state without any surviving team members, despite attemtping to use a Self-AED.
  • Fixed an issue where invisible collisions remained in buildings destroyed by the Black Zone in Karakin.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue that did not allow swapping in-game challenges with the world map set to 'hold'.


  • Fixed an issue where party invitation messages persisted after a party is successfully formed.
  • Fixed an issue where unrelated texts are displayed within the Coral Smoke Grenade image.
  • Improved the resolution of Medal images on the Career - Medals page.
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar UI remained on screen after receiving a Stun Gun hit while using a Self-AED in a DBNO state.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue displaying tabs for a non-existent mode on the leaderboard when set to Simplified Chinese.

Items & Skins

ā€» Clipping issue: Graphics that are shown outside the visible part of an image/object.

  • Fixed an issue where the back of the character's head appeared empty when wearing the PGI.S Tactical Hoodie and the Bunny Academy Sailor Hat.
  • Fixed the clipping issue on the shoulder part when a female character wears the QBZ Schematic Sweatshirt.
  • Fixed the clipping issue on the buttocks area when wearing the Elegant Summer Romper.
  • Fixed the issue where the in-game icon for the LINE FRIENDS CONY Sweater was displaying a different image.
  • Fixed an issue where legs appear transparent when wearing the Cyber Survivor Bottom and Lucha Royal Wrestler Boots together.
  • Fixed an issue where lip makeup is applied to the teeth when combining the It's Chilly Outside Makeup with Female Face 17.
  • Fixed the issue where the front of the Chun-Li's Dress 1 would bend unnaturally when equipped by a male character in the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the decorations on the back of the hand are not displayed when viewing the Baby It's Cold Outside Gloves in FPP.